Quality Steel Products at Your Fingertips

With the L’Acier proprietary inventory management system, Miller Metals has revolutionized the ordering, tracking, and customer service aspects of the metalworking industry. This software system allows Miller’s customers to stay on top of every aspect of their order, whether it’s quality metal blanks, metal office furniture, heating and air conditioning equipment, or any other metal product.

Never again will you have to sit around wondering where on the production line your order lies, when it will be completed, or how to alter it according to the needs and desires of your business and clients. And if you find yourself needing to rush or delay a certain part of your order, all you have to do is go into the system or contact your dedicated Miller Metals account representative to make all of the necessary changes.

Above and Beyond Your Average Steel Service Center

L’Acier, combined with our dedicated, highly trained customer support staff, serves to make your experience with Miller Metals one with which you will be completely satisfied. We know that in the metalworking business quality steel products – which we strive for and accomplish in all of our work – are only half the equation. In order to stand out in the crowd, we have to deliver a service experience that anticipates our customers’ needs.

With L’Acier, we accomplish that mission, and it’s one of the most important reasons why Miller Metals is renowned for delivering a customer service experience that is second-to-none.